Features / 23/03/2021 Post-Lockdown Anxiety: It’s real

This month officially marks one year since the UK Government announced the first national lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As of today, the country has seen three full lockdowns, and has had to cope with ever-changing restrictions throughout the year. Last month, the Government published a road-map to the release of all restrictions...

Features / 23/03/2021 A mental health boost, but is it enough?

On 5th March, the Government announced an additional £79 million boost to mental health support for children and young people. Stating an additional “3 million children in England to be supported by mental health support teams in schools, around 22,500 more children and young people to access community mental health services and 2,000 more children...

Features / 23/03/2021 Advertising in the age of Oatly

As the world battles a deadly pandemic, efforts to advertise oat milk seem far from newsworthy. And yet even in the devastated days of social distancing, such efforts matter, a lot. Especially to the Swedish brand, Oatly.  In 2008, the company unveiled its ‘like milk, but made for humans’ campaign with furious backlash from the...

Interview / 12/03/2021 “Like a film noir”: Black Honey’s Izzy B. Phillips talks new album, Quentin Tarantino movies, and the women that inspire her

Izzy B. Phillips is the fierce frontwoman of Black Honey, one of the most unique bands from the UK’s indie scene since their formation in 2014. Following their self-titled debut in 2018, the band is releasing their second album, Written & Directed, on the 19th of March. I had the opportunity to chat with Izzy...

Interview, UEA Live / 11/03/2021 UEA Live: An introductory interview with Inua Ellams

In anticipation of Inua Ellams’ upcoming talk with UEA Live on the 17 March 2021, I got in contact to ask him a few questions about his work and his inspirations. Born in Nigeria, Ellams has found a home in both Ireland and London throughout his life. He dabbles both in poetry and playwriting, with...

Interview, Main Stories / 03/03/2021 “From day one, there has been a laissez-faire approach to the pandemic… Boris Johnson wanted to be popular and didn’t want to make those difficult choices”: an interview with Labour MP Clive Lewis

Disclaimer: the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this interview belong solely to Mr Clive Lewis MP. Clive Lewis, Labour MP for Norwich South since 2015 and former candidate for leader of the party in 2020. A politician with strong views and someone who is not afraid to hold back, even if at times that...



An interview with Susan Jones on her career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office: “I’ve never been bored and have always felt that I was contributing to the greater good”.

Sue Jones has enjoyed an over 40-year-long career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), occupying geographical, policy, and HR related roles in London, together with overseas postings to a number of Diplomatic Missions such as Singapore, West Berlin, and Brussels. Pursuing her desire to travel, Sue had originally thought about applying for a Commission…


Leading U.K. journalists Lucy Knight and Helen Meriel Thomas discuss LGBTQ+ visibility in the British media

As a part of LGBTQ+ history month, Concrete hosted a panel discussion titled ‘LGBTQ+ voices in Journalism’, featuring prominent U.K. based journalists Lucy Knight and Helen Meriel Thomas.  Lucy Knight is a national award-winning journalist, who currently works as the Assistant Books Editor at The Sunday Times. In addition to her journalistic work, she has…

Sex Survey

The start of something new, but make it 2020

The first few months of a relationship present a very unique set of challenges to any new couple: learning your partner’s little quirks, meeting each other’s friends and awkward conversations about labels and telling families. In my case, all of this was taking place alongside the onset of a global pandemic, which definitely made things…

Sex Survey

Dating apps as a trans woman

Honestly, I think if you’d told me that dating apps would get easier once I came out as transgender, I wouldn’t have believed you. Heck, I doubt I would believe you if you told me now. But it’s true. In what I shall only refer to as The Dark Beforetimes, I had multiple Tinder attempts…

Sex Survey

Celebrating celibacy

I’ve been a fiend for a very long time. In my year 11 English Language class I wrote something, I think it was about perfumes but I titled it ‘Sex Sells’. From a young age, sex in all its entirety has been an integral part of my life. Maybe it’s because I was molested at…

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