Sex survey 2018

Feeling the pressure?

On the surface, UEA can seem rather intimidating. With the LCR, the bar and flat parties being part of uni culture, one might expect the student population to be rather wild. Add the widely known challenge of the 5 Ls to that combination, and it can feel like sex is a central part of UEA’s student life, and that there may be pressure on students to be sexually active.

However, the sex survey proves otherwise.

About 60 percent of students said that they do not feel pressured to have sex at UEA, which shows that sex isn’t that integral to the culture here after all. The majority of students also said they have only had one to three sexual partners since coming to UEA.

So while there may be a lot of alcohol involved in zstudent life here, students seem to place less importance on taking someone n e w back to their place every night.

UEA may have its wild side, but the students here love bunnies, lake walks and free pizza too.

It’s common to worry about people judging you if you’re not the type of person who would bring someone home from the LCR back to your flat, but once you stop and look around you, you’d realise that you don’t need to be sexually actively to fit in. For instance, people who actually complete the 5 Ls are becoming increasingly rare, with the challenge is becoming more of a myth.

So no, no one is going to pressure you to find a way to have awkward sex in the laundrette.



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