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Fending off the dreaded hangover

While first years may be able to get away with going out every night, it is definitely more difficult as your degree progresses and your workload piles up. Turning up to lectures in last nights UV paint becomes less acceptable, and you will watch in despair as you swap the LCR for nights in the library. If you do choose to go out in the midst of deadline week, there are ways of trying to beat the hangover. If you’re lucky you might just make it to your seminar without throwing up.

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Tiredness will always make you feel worse, but be careful when grabbing a coffee or an energy drink. The caffeine and sugar will dehydrate you more and irritate an already troubled tummy. Having some toast and a banana will lift your blood sugar and wake you up, alongside stopping the shakes. A glass of orange juice will get you back on the path to rehydration and help your liver get rid of all the jaeger in your system. If you need something more, try scrambled eggs on toast with beans. It should be fairly easy to keep down and will help your body recover from the shock.

For sore heads reach for a paracetamol, aspirin is not so easy on the stomach. Water-soluble painkillers are quickly absorbed and will help with replacing fluids. If you can stomach it, an Alka-Seltzer will help ease nausea. Berocca will also help to replace vitamins and get your liver back into action, while isotonic sports drinks will help your body rehydrate.

Of course prevention is always better than cure. If you can remember, try to have a glass of water with every alcoholic drink you have. Drink a pint of water before you go to bed, and one as soon as you wake up. Making sure you eat a proper meal before you go out is key as well. Not only will it stop you getting hammered too quickly, it will help your body process the alcohol more easily. Try to have something balanced, you will need the nutrients the next day.

Trying not to mix drinks is always a good idea too, though definitely a challenge with enticing drinks deals. Not only will this make you uncontrollably drunk very quickly, it will make you feel terrible the next day as the different chemicals swirl around your stomach. Some research has suggested that light coloured drinks like vodka and gin are less likely to make you ill because they contain less toxins. Moderation is still key though, and if you drink a litre of gin then you’re going to be feeling pretty ropey.

Ultimately there is no miracle cure except time. If you’ve got a chapter of your dissertation due in the next day, chances are you’re not going to make it to the LCR. While it’s a tough transition to make, your life will be all the easier for a few skipped nights out and a decent degree mark.


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