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In the famous words of Will Smith: “Summer, Summer, Summer time!” The long awaited sunshine has arrived!

Ladies, we can now finally ditch our winter coats and put on our summer dresses. With Radio 1’s Big Weekend being hosted right here in Norwich and the sun shining brightly, it’s only right to start getting festival ready!

One of the classic ways to achieve a festival look is by wearing shorts. Shorts became a festival staple in the early 90s to wear to music festivals and have stayed there ever since. They are comfortable and easy to walk around in, whether it’s a pair of denim or lace, shorts are fabulous for their versatility. Shorts can be paired with anything such as a bra-let or your favorite crop-top.

Another good way to get that festival look is to throw on a statement t-shirt. Statement t-shirts are so versatile and can be worn with anything from hotpants to a flowing maxi skirt, instantly making your look edgy.

Alternatively, if a statement t-shirt isn’t really your look you could also opt for the new, hot ‘fringe’ look. To create the relaxed festival vibe, you could wear a fringe camisole vest top or even a fringe kimono. These simple, staple fringe pieces look cool and a kimono is the perfect cover up at the end of the day when it starts to get a little chilly.

Now we have clothes covered, what about footwear?! Whether you’re a wellies or boots kind a girl, the most important thing to consider is comfort (slightly hypocritical coming from me – whoops!) However, as you will be on your feet all day you want footwear that is not only comfortable but of course practical. Boots are the ideal choice of footwear for festivals whether they are cowboy style, boho, or grungy biker boots with studs and zips.

Pairing ankle boots with an item you may already have in your wardrobe such as a pretty mini-dress or skirt can easily turn an outfit from girly to edgy, giving you that effortless festival look. In addition, you can always add some va-va-voom to your outfit by wearing some red lipstick to give your outfit a sexy edge.

With footwear sorted, what we cannot forget to do is accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! Accessories are a major factor in achieving the ultimate festival look. With Coachella music festival recently taking place, judging by all the celebrity photos on Twitter and Instagram, accessories are a MUST! First thing to bear in mind is don’t be afraid to add a burst of colour. You could do this with a cute floral headband, often favoured by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens. But, if a floral headband is a bit much you could opt for a classic fedora hat or take it back to the 90s with a bandanna! I know it sounds obvious, but don’t forget your loyal companion – sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a big fashion DO and are essential to your festival look.

Personally, I love statement jewellery and festivals are a great way to feature them. When it comes to festivals there are no rules so you could combine multiple accessories if you really wanted to. You could wear a bright summery statement necklace, and layer on several colourful bracelets. Or, to enhance the statement look further wearing an arm cuff looks particularly cool.

With the music playing, the most important thing is to be able to dance care-free without having anything weighing down. Carrying a small shoulder bag for your essentials i.e. phone, make-up, purse is practical. You want to be able to move and dance freely without the stress of having a big heavy bag. Not to mention everyone asking to put their stuff in there, once upon a time that was me – learn from my struggle! Following the fringe trend you could wear a shoulder fringe bag that is small, stylish and fits all your stuff in too. Or, if you want to be completely free you could wear a bum bag, which fits right around your waist so your arms are totally free to wave in the air when the music takes you way.

Ultimately, festival fashion is about being fun, bright and colourful. Most importantly it’s about having a good time whilst looking flawless.


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