Football is back. With the start of a new season comes the next instalment of FIFA. This year’s edition aims to provide a more realistic take on the beautiful game.

Changes to the gameplay reward players for their skill and tactics rather than just relying on the speed of players to win. The game demonstrates this by deliberately slowing down the play, requiring a steady build up in order to create opportunities and find that killer pass. Gone are the days when a simple lob over the top of the defence provided a clear goal scoring opportunity.

Strikers will also make better runs, but don’t think this means there will be large score lines – the keepers have been improved as well, meaning that finally beating one is a more satisfying experience.

In addition to gameplay improvements, career mode has also been expanded. With the inclusion of international management, EA Sports aim to make sure that FIFA is just as fully-featured off the pitch as it is on it.

Moving away from career mode, there is also the inclusion of skill games. These are mini games which allow you to practice skills such as dribbling and passing, which can be perfected and then applied to a full match. It looks to be a far more structured and effective way to learn than the unguided training modes of past instalments.

All of this sounds very exciting, but there are still some flaws. The physics engine still occasionally results in goalkeepers being unable to dive on the ball, instead ending up sprawled on top of defenders while strikers score from two yards.

Likewise, with the inclusion of a more realistic first touch, players do have a tendency to make touches reminiscent of Sunday league football rather than the top leagues in Europe.

Still, these mild annoyances will hopefully be ironed out in the full version of the game and, as with every new FIFA release, there is inevitably a learning period as seasoned fans get to grips with new features and changes.

With more realistic gameplay and an expanded career mode, fans of the series will likely see this as a vast improvement on previous games.

FIFA 13 is released on 28 September 2012.

Check out the trailer: