Film news – 4 December 2012

Tarantino to retire

Love him or loathe him, the news that Quentin Tarantino may quit film-making after his tenth outing as director will keep both the American’s supporters and naysayers talking in preparation for the release of his eighth feature, Django Unchained, on 18 January. Even the most ardent of Tarantino cynics cannot fail to recognise the importance of his eclectic, yet identifiable, back-catalogue.

Financially speaking, Tarantino didn’t need to make another film after 2003’s Kill Bill, but then we would never have had the joys that were Christoph Waltz’s multiple interrogation scenes in Inglorious Basterds. They alone were worth Tarantino sticking around for a few years more. Tarantino was quoted as saying by Playboy magazine that “directors don’t get better as they get older”; tell that to Clint Eastwood.

Despite Paranormal Activity 4 teasing audiences that ‘all the activity has led to this’, Paramount have confirmed that this years instalment of the franchise will be followed by a fifth film in 2013. Yes, really. Considering they started out with a somewhat innovative storyline, borrowing from The Blair Witch Project amongst others, the studio are in serious danger of following the route of the Saw franchise, with once enthusiastic fans somewhat waning, cueing a haphazard final instalment.

Similarly, details of Insidious 2 have surfaced in recent days; another horror whose initial success has, perhaps belatedly, culminated in plans for a sequel. Arguably one of the more inventive horrors of 2011, Insidious, helmed by Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell, will return to the big screen in 2013, potentially providing some healthy Halloween competition for PA4. Although Paranormal Activity 3’s opening weekend return of over $29m in America rather blew Insidious’ $13m away, tiring audiences may seek their thrills elsewhere, signalling an end to a franchise that, in many critics’ eyes, has run its course.

Wahlberg to make Transformers debut

With Shia LeBeouf having distanced himself from future instalments of Michael Bay’s divisive Transformers franchise, Mark Wahlberg is set to take over the reigns as leading man. Say what you will about Bay and his penchant for CGI on an altogether outrageous scale, but he and Paramount have successfully nailed down a cash cow since the first film’s release in 2007. The addition of Wahlberg, star of Boogie Nights and The Departed, will potentially draw in a different type of audience, providing they can look past the giant robots that Bay will no doubt give even further license to attack and destroy.

Hardy to go undercover

Finally, video game company Ubisoft have announced that British actor Tom Hardy will portray the character of Sam Fisher in the film adaptation of their popular game Splinter Cell. Not many men can pull off the depiction of crazed prisoner Charles Bronson, moustache and all, and mask-wearing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and still maintain heartthrob status. Yet, Hardy’s appeal to both action aficionados and the female audience will ensure that the big screen version of the game will attract the same amount of interest as its small screen precedent.


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