Films So Bad They’re Good

Have you ever watched a film and thought this is so bad but then so good? There’s just something enjoyable about a movie that is hopelessly committed to its (very bad) vision – whether it is bad special effects, awful acting, or a completely absurd plot.

A movie that comes to mind released recently would be the Disney+ release of Free Guy (2021). This action-comedy film tells the story of Guy, a non-player character in an extremely popular video game, Free City. Guy learns the true nature of his existence when he meets the girl of his dreams who is a human player. There are some impressive visual effects, modern day references and well-known A-List actors. The movie is something different to anything I have watched before of this genre, but it does conform to the stereotypes and cliches of gamers. However, this movie is consistently hilarious due to Ryan Reynolds proving that actors can really change my perception of a movie, and their performances can distract from the absurd nature of the film.

Sequels are another example of films so bad they’re good. Is it because we fell in love with the characters from the first film the reason we watch its predecessor? Take Grease two for example – this film has the same concept, but most people would consider it a bad movie, comparing it to the original. The movie itself is a good watch, and there are a few catchy songs in the soundtrack. I think more people should give this movie another chance and watch it without thinking of it as a sequel. On its own, it is a decent movie, but in comparison to the original Grease movie, it’s not as strong.

Maybe you need to be in the right mood to watch these, or maybe they can be something you have on in the background – either way, these are my guilty pleasures!

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