Where to find vegetarian heaven in Norwich

For a quick snack or early dinner you must make it a priority to head to Moorish down the Lanes. Based around making delicious falafel (a veggies best friend) even more delightful you get a pitta bread packed full of fresh healthy salad that makes every taste bud tingle in happiness. The small cafe is perfect for a social veggie lunch and is surprisingly filling and home to friendly staff who throw your pitta together freshly in front of you. True vegetarian heaven, or a nice change if you usually eat meat – there’s a good chance you’ll be swayed to falafel for good.


Photo: Flikr – Nik Morris

To cater for meat eaters and veggies at the same time and have a proper sit down meal, definitely try Thai On The River, a Thai restaurant on a non-moving boat based near Riverside. The best way to enjoy eating here is to go for the set menu option, suitable for your carnivorous and herbivorous friends. Although requiring a minimum of two people for this, the spring rolls are to die for and you’ll be fighting over them for sure!

The number one spot for anyone and everyone in Norwich has to be The Waffle House. Trot over to St. Giles Street and take in all the ‘House has to offer. Highly recommended is the cheese sauce and mushroom savoury waffle and for dessert, the famous chocolate mousse (waffle optional). Lots and lots of meat free deliciousness for those of you feeling super sweet and in need of some sugar. This place will please everyone, Freshers, you have been alerted.

For self-catering options, Rainbow offers the most choice and everything on offer is at least vegetarian, with vegan and other dietary preferences and requirements available too. The restaurant Pulse had been upstairs but recently closed (famous for its Bumbleberry juice), so keep an eye out for re-opening news and make sure you’re first in line for a taste.

More locally, Campus Kitchen has been known to offer veggie burgers mid-week that during a long revision session in the library, are a welcome break! The Hive and other campus outlets offer veggie baguettes for those lunchtimes you completely forgot to pack your own food! So, just because you’re a student veggie, or just simply and lover of vegetables, doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the lure of the 2-4-1 pepperoni pizzas and give up your vegetarian desires, there’s definitely plenty available for you all over campus and the city.


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