Finding your style 101

University dress code can be terrifying because, for the most part, there isn’t one! The best thing about this is that the opportunities are endless, and it’s the perfect chance to experiment and find your own personal style! 

Don’t be afraid to dress comfy for class!

One mistake I made was feeling the pressure of having to dress nicely to impress new people in my class. But it is important to remember that it’s a seminar, not a fashion show. Nobody is looking at what you are wearing, and they are just trying to get through the class so they can go home and nap. So, put on some comfy jeans or tracksuit bottoms! You can always compromise by wearing one comfy piece and one slightly nicer piece! The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable. So, if you feel comfortable and confident by dressing up a little, by all means, go for it, but you certainly don’t have to.

Throw it back a few decades!

Why not take a trip back in time and pick up some vintage pieces? If it worked for people in the 70’s there’s a good chance it will work for you too! Norwich is home to so many vintage shops and stalls in the city centre, and UEA often has vintage sales also! I always felt cool trying some older prints and patterns, and some of my most loved and unique outfits are made up of vintage pieces.

Feeling adventurous?

University gives you such an excellent opportunity to experiment with fashion and try new looks.  If it works for you, then it’s nothing but right! Try some new outfits, and some different makeup/ accessory combos and find a style you like! A statement piece and some popping make up can be a great way to let a new you shine through.

Represent your uni!

Universities often sell their own hoodies/clothes and these are a great way to stay comfy on campus while also showing off your uni. If you are feeling nervous about what to wear, a UEA hoodie is a very safe choice that is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable. You made it into UEA, so be proud and show it off!

What about dressing for the LCR or club nights?

My most important piece of advice on this one is to be yourself. People love to follow trends but don’t just follow the crowd! You’ll look your best in something you feel confident in. I’ve seen everything from mini skirts to jumpsuits to full-on suits in the LCR so pretty much anything goes! So, whether you love a slinky body con dress or prefer something a little more understated, you do you.

Dress to suit you and don’t worry if it takes a few fashion experiments before you find your perfect style. Tip: Charity shops are a good way to try some new styles without breaking the budget!


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