Everybody knows that come the New Year, the gyms are full and everyone starts drinking green smoothies and spending a bomb on a new pair of trainers, all so they can keep their annual resolution to get fit. Now that we’re into February, the number of people hitting those early morning workouts is the only thing getting slimmer, as people have swiftly lose motivation and give in to the persistent sugar cravings and alcohol-fuelled nights out.

Whatever your goal is, be it to change your body composition, add muscle or increase your overall fitness levels, it’s no easy task during the dark and dreary months of the year. For those who are still sticking to their resolutions, however, or for those who want to get back on the bandwagon, I always find that scrolling through my favourite ‘Fitspo’ pages on Instagram and looking at the cool workout wear really helps.

Fashionable fitness wear is an industry which has grown exponentially over the past few years, particularly with the increasing number of celebrities that are getting on board with the most well-known brands; Kanye West and Rita Ora for Adidas and Nicki Minaj for Nike are just some of the most recent collaborations. Adidas’ multimillion dollar deal with West was the key to the company blowing Nike out of the water in recent sales and social media following. Whilst few of us will have the luxury of being able to afford to drop a few hundred or even above a grand on a pair of Yeezy’s (although some people buy and sell on to make profit), there are plenty of other collaborations and high street brands that we can afford, which can be used to motivate us to get back to the gym.

If you’re really into working out and don’t mind spending a little more for the best quality, specialist brands like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty are great, and provide all fitness fanatics with the opportunity to make a fashion statement while getting their sweat on. Canadian founder of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, was inspired by the women with whom he used to do yoga classes, and claims that after ‘studying’ them, he realised all they wanted was something which was practical for the sport but also had a slightly more distinguished look to the average black yoga pants (a bit of leg shaping never goes amiss either).

Although he left the company in 2013 after a few controversial comments about women’s sizes, Wilson certainly founded something destined to be great; as of May 2015 Lululemon was worth $9.2 bn. This comes as no surprise when you look into the fabrics that Lululemon work with such as ‘Nulu’, ‘Luxtreme’ and ‘Luon’, all of which have been created through intensive research into fabric technologies for different sport. Lululemon are fitness innovators, but with the famous yoga pants retail price starting around £80, they’re certainly an investment piece, and perhaps reserved for those who have really committed to a fitness-focused lifestyle.

Although I’m desperate for a pair of Lulu’s, I, like most other students, cannot justify spending so much on sportswear unless I save for them. There are, however, plenty of great alternatives, particularly as the high street brands have picked up on this gap in the market and have taken full advantage of it. Online retailer Missguided have had their own fitness wear range for a few years now, and offer a perfect combination between style and practicality. Whilst in my experience of Missguided Active the fit hasn’t always been great (I’d recommend getting a size or two smaller in the sports bras), for a range retailed at £12 and above, the designs are great. The combination of the cut-outs, mesh inserts, and marble to floral patterns are unique to the brand and the quality is pretty good too.

Ranging from £10 to £100, Reebok, who is part of the Adidas group, is another one of my go-to sportswear favourites; their CrossFit style offers a huge range to choose from when looking to buy a little pick-me-up to keep you motivated in the gym. The brand also caters for guys who want to create a unique look for themselves, with many of their menswear pieces featuring cool prints and patterns as well as the more simple designs. Reebok are creating collections that both encourage you to take your fitness seriously, but at the same time also to have fun with it, and their clothing definitely mirrors their ethos.

Whether you can afford to splash the cash or you’re opting to stick to your student budget, there’s no way you can miss out on the fashion in fitness with so many brands out there, catering to all goals and accommodating all price restrictions. Keeping track of the trends in the industry and even buying into some of them is a great way to stay motivated and keep smashing your workouts. Besides, if our face and hairstyles are less than desirable whilst we’re in the gym, at least we can say our outfit is on point.