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Five tips for FIFA success

1) Avoid FIFA rage

The ball bounces around in the box, your defender swings aimlessly at the ball it ricochets off the back of another defender and falls at the feat of the opposing striker, to slide home from six yards. It has happened to everyone, and at this point there are two options: the first is to hurl the controller as hard as possible at the TV, awaiting the satisfying thud as it becomes embedded in the screen.  This, although it may provide a satisfying relief from the current frustration, will be expensive and not provide that sought-after victory. The second, and more likely way of venting this sudden frustration is to mash the slide tackle button mercilessly, trying to injury every opposition player. Neither of these will help to provide a win. So the first top tip is to stay calm at all times and avoid getting angry. This will help to prevent throwing away games that you could still win. FIFA, unlike real football, allows for goals to be scored very quickly and so conceding an unfortunate goal does not mean it can’t be turned around in ten minutes of game time.

2) Finishing

To win a game, scoring is essential. Therefore, my second top tip revolves around finishing. This is harder than it looks, and due to the reduction of a sweet spot (a place in which you are guaranteed to score every time), making sure you score more than you miss is much harder. Trying certain tactics will increase your chance of scoring and hopefully these will. The first is to use the player’s stronger foot: not all strikers have a decent weaker foot, and FIFA will take this into account when you shoot. Thus, always try and make sure you are using the player’s stronger foot, particularly in one on ones. This will give you the best chance of scoring. The second piece of advice is: if you don’t have to sprint, don’t. Slow the player down before taking the shot, giving them more control of the ball and a greater chance of scoring. The final piece of advice is using the finesse and chip shots, particularly during one-on-ones, which can help increase your chance of scoring. The onrushing keeper can easily be beaten with a well-timed chip of finesse shot, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best way to beat the keeper.

3) Playing players out of position 

You are in the team management screen and you spot a centre forward who is much better than the current centre attacking midfielder you are playing. It seems like a no brainer to swap the players over to get the best line up you can. The third top tip is that playing players out of position does not always benefit the team. In the example above, most centre forwards will have a low defensive work-rate, and so are unlikely to get back to help the team when the opposition are on a quick break. Working out the best players to play in the positions is difficult, but it is worth putting a bit of thought into it, as a well formulated team could give you that all-important edge and that all-important win.

4) The use of speed

When playing online, team selection is very important, as is the use of speed in a team. Although it is not the most beautiful way to play football, if you want to win, exploiting pace will dramatically increase your chances of winning. A simply way to create a one-on-one or good crossing opportunity is using the one-two button, allowing you to bypass the whole defence in one fell swoop. This is much easier with a faster striker capable of eluding the chasing defenders and giving you more time to perfect the finish. FIFA 12, like with most other FIFA games, suffers from the fact that a faster team beats a slower one: therefore, choose your team wisely before you start to play.

5) Defending

Finally, and most important, is defending.  Playing online means tactical defending is compulsory and so needs to be perfected. Conceding too many sloppy goals will result in numerous defeats, and so perfecting the new defending system is a must. Primary focus should be on being patient, using the jockey button to get close to the opposition player before executing a perfectly timed tackle. Randomly mashing the tackle button will result in opposition players just walking past you, so be patient and careful: cutting out the goals you concede will dramatically increase your chances winning. It is much easier to win by scoring just one goal rather than five.

This is not an exhaustive list of tips, but hopefully it will provide some ideas of how to increase your chances of winning and becoming a pro at FIFA in no time.

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