Floor 01 vs Floor 3 study rooms

Saoirse Smith-Hogan on Floor 01’s flexibility

01 – the Juan. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view of other people working very hard, but you can also enjoy the equally exquisite view of the back of Suffolk Terrace. Inside, students have a choice of study areas. You can either study alone, with the teal and brick coloured study pods available. Or, like me, if you find comfort in the art of procrastination, there are rows upon rows of tables available for you and your friends to use for ‘studying.’ Moreover, the spaciousness of 01 means that you can also send a sly wave and a cheeky wink to a friend across the room. Alternatively, if you feel you deserve a break after a long session of doing nothing, then there is a large group study space for your enjoyment. Having been in there a few times, I can tell you all about one student’s weird affection for their grandmother, and another student’s problem of ‘too many’ boys on the go. Gossiping is serious work, right?

Joel Shelley argues for the solace of Floor 3

Why work anywhere other than the comfort of an independent study room? While in other parts of the library people will shoot daggers as you munch on a packet of crisps, if you book your own room you can enjoy your Tesco meal deal in peace. Go make the climb to floor 3 to experience the tranquillity of being so far away from all those riotous locales below. In your cosy little cubicle you also won’t get distracted by watching someone walk up and down an aisle ten times in search of a deceptive book. Instead, from your vantage point you get the best view of all the doggos as they run around by the lake—much better, right? With plenty of space, a hook for your coat, and a guaranteed socket to charge your laptop, nowhere in the library is more civilised than a floor 3 independent study room.


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