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Fly on the wall

The silence was deafening and it was making her dizzy. She felt as she had felt that time all those years ago. The room was spinning around, the faces of the people around her were blurry. And suddenly everything faded. She couldn’t feel the pain in her chest anymore and she just heard the silence. Everything was calm and dark. A sound. Her voice. It was her, but she couldn’t be there.

“Where is she? What happened?” The desperation in her voice was palpable, although she sounded muffled, as if she were in another room. Rory followed her voice. If her sister was there she wouldn’t waste the opportunity of seeing her.

Ada was freaking out. “I need to see her! I demand to see her! Immediately!”

Rory followed her sister’s voice through the dimly illuminated space to what seemed like a door that had been left ajar. And there she was. Her sister was striding down a corridor following a man and gesturing around while she used her loud voice to make demands. Yes, that was her sister, the one and only Ada Lane. Rory couldn’t understand what was happening or why, but she recognized the corridor of her old school as soon as she saw it.

“You can’t see her yet, miss. I’m sorry.” The man was clearly distressed and was trying to find a way out of all the shouting. “What?! I don’t know if you heard me, but I said ‘demand’ and ‘immediately’, which of those two damned words you don’t understand?” Ada was growing impatient and Rory knew that the situation wouldn’t end well for the poor bastard standing opposite her sister.

“Miss, please, calm down. I promise you will see her as soon as the nurse gives us green light to let you in. She’s in a very vulnerable state right now. I’m sure you don’t want to stress her further.”

“Stress her further? I’m her sister. I won’t stress her in any way! I’m here to help her and to get an explanation of what the hell happened with her. Because I’ve been told to rush to the school only knowing that my little sister was in the nurse’s office but she wasn’t and I quote ‘in any physical pain’. How do you expect me to calm down?” Ada’s tone was high pitched and loud, very loud, but it didn’t lose the authoritarian tone that was so characteristic of her.

In that moment, the door at the end of the hall opened and a woman appeared in the threshold. Ada and the man stopped their argument and turned to look at her. She frowned at them, probably for being too noisy.

“Can I see her now?” Ada asked while walking towards the woman.

“Miss Lane, your sister needs to rest, she’s been through quite a lot in the past few hours.”

And that was the last straw. Ada was raging and for Rory it was quite amusing to see that playing out without her being on the receiving end. “Enough! I came here knowing nothing of what happened, deadly worried, and when I get to this damn school I cannot see my sister and you tell me she’s well, but you wouldn’t let me see her. What the hell is wrong with you? You know what? I don’t care what you say, I’m going to see my sister right now.” Ada started for the door but the nurse stopped her.

“Miss Lane, please we cannot let you come in, it’d be against the protocol in these cases…”

“The protocol be damned! And you must know that I don’t have a problem with pushing you out of my way if you don’t let me into that room when I finish this sentence!” With that, the nurse let out a heavy sigh assuming defeat and got herself out of Ada’s way. Smart decision, if you asked Rory. Her invisible self followed Ada into the room and saw her shot a furious glare to the nurse before slamming the door shut.


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