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Intimidating basslines. Sweaty raves. Sticky floors. Flashing lights. UK House is a genre sweeping the nation. Born through the traditional American-style known as Chicago House, the genre has seen a massive resurgence across the UK in the last three to four years. This UK-centric genre is heavier, deeper, and meatier than traditional house music. It’s hard-hitting. It’s filthy. It’s powerful. Of course, due to this level of body-crunching insanity, the genre hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream consciousness yet; many of the scene’s dirtiest drops are still relatively unknown, unsigned, and ready to be discovered. SoundCloud, the Berlin-based music-hosting site, is one of the central hubs on which these unsigned House musicians can be found. Not only has its use increased in popularity, there has been a surge in consumers looking for unqiue and interesting sounds. Poeple are instinctively inquisitive and this doesn’t stop with music. Soundcloud has become something of a musical playgroud for everyone to explore. We’ve scoured through the heftiest drops to find four tracks that we think are worth a listen right now, to prepare you for the oncoming darkness of the UK House scene.

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo
Confess to Me (Remix)

A collaboration between two titans of the scene, this heavy remix of Disclosure is powerful enough to bring even the most dedicated House enthusiast to their knees. Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo have teamed up to bring about a beat that’s as sexy as it is inhuman. As you listen on, the inescapability of the bassline becomes clear; it haunts you constantly, determined to grind your bones into dust… in a dark and romantic sort of way. This tune is so hot, it’ll condense against your windows and cling to your curtains. It’s the perfect soundtrack to anyone’s steady descent into madness.

Love More Worry Less (Remix)

Bristol-born and based, Ashley ‘Woz’ Westlake is one of the artists signed by Black Butter Records, a label found in the heart of the London bass scene. Naturally, this track is particularly fresh, both in style and substance. Woz’s remix of Bipolar Sunshine retains the Pop-like harmony of the original, tempting the listener into a false sense of security before hammering home with an incredibly tribal and minimalistic beat. Undeniably raw and peppy, it’s the perfect way to start any day of the week.

Cause & Affect

This track wastes no time on deep, spacey introductions and instead opts to dive almost straight into one of the filthiest drops on our list. Another of Chris Lorenzo’s collaborations, this track is whip-crack fast, with an actual whip-cracking sound effect buried deep in the grease and grime of the bassline. We won’t lie to you; listening to this track at any kind of high volume just isn’t pleasant. It grates you. It’s invasive. Be warned; listen to Stampede and you will wake up hours later in an abandoned East London warehouse, inexplicably covered in paint with the grit of the West Midlands lining your nails.

My Nu Leng
Knowing Knowing

Another Black Butter artist hailing from Bristol, My Nu Leng are a duo whose sound is sparse, fragmented, and undeniably aggressive. This track begins ominously; subtle voices and robotic fragments fill the room. While this may suggest that something serious is coming, nothing could prepare you for the intensity of the beat; when it arrives, it does so with demonic intensity, refusing to back down or even ease the pressure slightly. The bass is harsh, imposing, and unrelenting. It’s so addictive; you’ll be cutting shapes long before you reach the dance floor.


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