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The weather ensured that it was more cold and laborious than happy and glorious, and you may have struggled to catch a glimpse through the blacked out windows of the Range Rovers speeding away from the glamour and Pot Noodle clad kitchens of Constable Terrace towards the Sainsbury Centre. But, decked out in a hot pink coat and hat combo, you can’t deny that when the Queen arrived, she did it in style.

There was no better location for Her Majesty’s first official engagement since her Christmas illness/disappearance – delete as appropriate in line with conspiracy theorists – than the Sainsbury Centre: contemporary art museum by day, superhero headquarters by night, an encounter with either Fijian drummers or Iron Man would surely be a warm welcome back to public service for anybody.

From the Sex Pistols bouncing around and smashing stages,  to the emphatic flag wavers who line the Mall every year with their soggy sandwiches, most people have some sort of opinion on the Queen, her children and various descendants, and of course, not everybody embraced the Queen’s trip to campus. Joe Rutter and Thomas Gymer debate the pros and cons of the Royal Family, their status, and expenditure in this week’s comment section.

Of course, there is more to UEA this week than a crown with a convoy. Thursday 2nd February is Time to Talk Day, a day that encourages people to talk about mental health. Mental health is often considered a taboo subject in polite conversation, but with one in ten young people believed to be suffering from a mental health condition, university can be a challenging time for many students. Alongside an interview with two of UEA’s Nightline volunteers, Features cover Time to Talk Day in depth, offering some tips on helping maintain a positive mindset when studying, socialising and everything in between gets tough.

Enjoy the issue!


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