Former Labour MPs supports Tories and urges people to vote for them

Three former Labour MPs have spoken out, questioning Jeremy Corbyn’s ability as candidate for Prime Minister. They are encouraging the public to vote for Boris Johnson on the grounds of Corbyn being an “extremist,” who is “completely unfit” to be Prime Minister, and that him being voted into office would be a “disaster for Britain.”

MPs Ian Austin, John Woodcock and Tom Harris, have chosen to vote Conservative to “keep Corbyn away from Downing Street.” Austin has called out some of Corbyn’s pacifist approaches as having “sided with the enemies,” but said that he “wouldn’t say Boris Johnson is unfit to run the country.” He argues Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson is “just not going to make it,” leaving it a choice between Johnson and Corbyn.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has claimed Austin is employed by the Tories and that is why he was speaking for the Tories. However, Austin calls himself a, “proper, decent, traditional Labour,” who has chosen, in an attempt to thwart Corbyn’s election as PM, to vote Conservative on December 12th.

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