Make yourself a Fresher’s food fiesta

So your parents have left you in your university room lonely, and probably hungry. You’ll find yourself heading in the direction of the kitchen for salvation, in hope of finding new mates and something that hopefully isn’t baked beans. Sharing meals is a great way to get to know new flatmates whilst saving money at the same time. And you need something quick and easy so you can focus on the eating part! The perfect option for sharing is a taste of Mexican, and Discovery have a selection of Mexican food tasters in your uni accommodation packages, to keep you going through those first crazy days at uni. Their range has got you covered from the mild taste of the garlic and herb soured cream, to the heat of sweet and hot red jalapenos, tried and tested by student Rebecca Chapman who quickly called them ‘her favourite part of the fajita’.


Sitting deliciously between the mild and the hot hot hot, is the green jalapeno relish easily ready in a bottle to squeeze on fresh chicken or peppers. Discovery worry about the flavours, the spice and the ease, and all you need to worry about is a couple of fresh ingredients and impressing a lot of people with your student cooking skills.

It will be easy to draw people into the kitchen to help chop and sprinkle seasoning, and the fresh elements to your meal quickly fry up ready to be constructed into fajitas. One of the beauties of the products is that, with all of the sauces and jalapenos already prepared, everyone can opt in and out of different tastes to make their meal their own and it’s quickly a conversation starter with that flatmate you still can’t quite remember the name of yet. Sharing food gets you places!

A quick look at their website reveals more easy recipes using the same range of easy to use products in a variety of flavours, so you won’t get sick of fajitas. Not that that would ever really happen anyway… You can include as much meat as you like, or keep it cheap and vegetarian with peppers, onions and cheese. Cheese is definitely a magic ingredient to accompany the spices and textures in the tried and tested fajitas, accompanying the soured cream in balancing out the heat. The more daring students, or those just keen to impress, just toss on a larger handful of hot and sweet jalapenos and save any leftover in the jar for something to quickly add to other student meals to add some heat.

So, we’ve got the food and the soon-to-be-friends-forever, but we don’t have the student party yet. Grab yourself some more wraps, a few tortilla chips and a few sombreros and throw a complete Mexican themed flat party without much preparation at all.

Essentially, all this simple and completely delicious Discovery Mexican food is not only going to make you very satisfied, but a lot of other people too. Or if sharing food is out of the picture for you, you’ll have to hide any leftovers for tomorrow right at the back of the fridge with a very clear label that it’s yours, DO NOT EAT! As another student Dan says, ‘It’s so much better than what I normally have!’.


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