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Freshers’ music guide

Your first year of university can be both exciting and incredibly alien. Laura Phillips offers a few words of wisdom on the musical musts as a UEA fresher.

Open, Norwich

Take advantage of the Norwich music scene

Wherever you’re from, the Norwich music scene will undoubtedly impress. The city is a musical hub for both up and coming artists and major names. The acts are varied and extensive – even Coldplay performed last year.

Don’t spend every night curled up in a gutter of Prince of Wales’ Road (though that’s fun too). Go and see some live music; stand in the crowd, breathe in the shared love for a band and shout their lyrics back at them.

As a fresher it’s more than likely that you’ll live on campus, therefore you have absolutely no excuse not to make the most of what’s on offer. You can practically roll out of bed and into the LCR.

For the more active first years, Norwich offers plenty of other music venues from the smaller, awesome Bicycle Shop to The Waterfront, to the absolutely stunning Open.

Use music socially

Make music your new social tool as a fresher! There is no icebreaker quite like sharing a passion for that little known black metal band or debating the forefathers of rap. Music is a great way to start a conversation and maybe even forge a beautiful friendship.

Becoming involved in the musical world of UEA is another way that you can meet people whilst furthering your talents. There are many musical societies that you can join, from heavy metal to show choir. If there’s nothing that interests you there is ample opportunity to start your own club.

You could start a band, join the orchestra, get your own show on UEA’s radio station Livewire, or you could write many witty and informed album and gig reviews for Concrete.

Prepare playlists

Have playlists for every possible occasion. For parties, getting ready for lectures, LCR Tuesdays, all-nighters, pitifully crying over whoever you desire, and a personal favourite: the seduction playlist. All may prove essential to your first year of university, providing soundtracks for those all-important fresher memories.


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