Freshers’ week: the big debates

Ranging from punching Nazis and the downfall of the monarchy to our ‘special relationship’ with the US and political tribalism, the 21st century’s great debates have been covered by Concrete end to end. Now, our writers turn their attention to the biggest decisions UEA students will face – Damn Good vs The A-list, the best colour of VK and Derby Day vs Pimp My Barrow.

Damn Good vs The A-List

“Damn Good nights are simply that – damn good”

There’s a time and a place for A-List. But it is not – and will never be – the sticky-floored Tuesday nights of cheesy music that define the LCR. Damn Good is not just any club night, it is a UEA ritual. Where Oxford and Cambridge students enrol in their fancy way, UEA students down 2 for £4 VKs at Disney themed club nights.

From preparing your costume, deciding how early to pre drink, to finally getting in and dancing to hits like Mr. Brightside and Teenage Dirtbag, Damn Good nights are simply that: Damn Good.

A-List could be held in any other club in the country, but Damn Good is so unique, and so special to UEA you would be making a mistake to ignore it while here.

– Matt Nixon

“The A-List is the place to be”

Both LCR nights are the epitome of shit. One manages to sap an IQ point from you with each song; the other is a shit club night. Despite this shitness, the A-List has an enduring and alluring quality.

The music is marginally better than Damn Good – which can be measured by you needing slightly fewer drinks to enjoy it – and it becomes somewhat enjoyable when you are in a paralytic state. While there may be more leering VK boys on the edge of the dancefloor, there are also fewer first year girls screaming the lyrics of ‘Grease’ into your ear.

But the real winner here is the lack of lectures on a Sunday. Meaning you can ponder over the very few regrettable things you can remember, and all those which you’ve been told about…

– Louis Bonnin

Orange and Passionfruit VK vs Apple & Mango VK

“Orange VK stands far above its competition”

Like bees to an orange flower, students from far and wide flock to get a taste of the Orange VK’s sweet nectar. A flagship staple of many a UEA sesh, the Orange VK leaves little to be desired. The pleasant blend of orange and passionfruit embodies a student variation of the Pornstar Martini.

Perhaps it’s the battery esque taste of the other flavours, but the Orange VK stands far above its competition on the lower shelves – mainly because you’re not left with the radioactive sick of green, or with the oddly stained tongue of the blue. It’s a favourite of UEA Casanovas, flaunting 8 between their fingers on the LCR dancefloor as they really put the passion into their sesh.

– Sam Noel

“Green is a little sour, a little sweet, and a lot of sexy”

Apple and Mango VK’s have a bad rep. Whilst green may not appeal to some, it definitely edges above the rest – especially with such pitiful competition.

Orange VK’s are just J2O’s for people who want to fit in with their uni ‘lads’ by stumbling around the LCR holding 4 bottles – 2 for that girl who isn’t interested. ‘Blue’ is the an alcoholic slush puppy for angsty teens, and ‘Ice’, well Ice isn’t even a flavour. Which freak goes “aye I’ll have that drink that tastes like frozen water?”

On the other hand, green is a little sour, a little sweet, and a lot of sexy. It’s more than just a clubbing drink, and if you needed any more convincing, the toxic green brings you one step closer to everyone’s idol – Shrek.

– Thomas Coogan

Derby Day vs Pimp My Barrow

“Derby Day is the day of the year”

I’m surprised this is even a serious question? I wouldn’t trust the person who chooses to waste money on an embarrassingly shit wheelbarrow and an even worse outfit over wasting money on having a near death experience off cheap snakebites and even cheaper San Miguels (10 for £10 at the SU shop, lads).

Take last year’s Derby Day, featuring me sat outside the SU shop drunkenly screaming the UEA chant, only to be corrected by some equally drunk ex students about how the lyrics were different in their day. I then proceeded to piss off the square by stealing a bottle of Lambrini from some lads and spraying it over everyone, jumping around like a lunatic, representing UEA in proud fashion.

But yeah – who would want to do anything like that when you can get mad at a wheelbarrow while pretending you don’t have an exam the next day.

– Laura Sandoval

“Pimp my barrow is iconic and unique to UEA”

Don’t get me wrong, if you love your sports, are super competitive and love a couple of drinks with your mates, then Derby Day is for you. It’s a great day for coming together with your UEA peers and being a part of one massive team – but it isn’t even close to Pimp My Barrow.

Other uni’s have Derby Days, but Pimp My Barrow is iconic and unique to UEA.

Regardless of sporting knowledge, anyone can join in. All you need is a barrow, your favourite drink, the wackiest outfit you can find and you’re in for a winner.

On your alcohol fuelled adventure through Norwich, you’ll discover new pubs, new friends and the best use of a wheelbarrow you’ve ever seen. But that’s not the best bit – although it is one big laugh, all the proceeds go towards an elected charity, so you’re making a difference too.

– Beth Reeves


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