A poll has exposed that over half of Concrete readers believe Freshers Week relies too heavily on drinking.

In the  poll conducted by Concrete, 58% of respondents said they thought Freshers Week is too centred on alcohol. 

Yet 42% disagreed, indicating they believe Freshers Week is not too focused on drinking.

This comes after the University of Portsmouth has announced it will close its student union bar owing to the demand for alcohol decreasing over the last four years.

Graham Galbraith, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, said they are replacing The Waterhole bar in Portsmouth with a space boasting “street food, coffee, microwaves and comfy furniture”.

MrGalbraith added: “People were simply not using it enough and the bar has become financially unsustainable.”

Helena Schofield, the president of Portsmouth’s student union, said: “Myself and the Sabbatical Officer team are sad to see the bar go but we understand that it’s not financially viable to keep the bar open. 

“We’re excited to hear student ideas on what the new space should bring to the experience of students here in Portsmouth.

“I would encourage all [Portsmouth University] students to share their ideas on what they would like to see in the space”.