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‘Furie’ – Landmark film for Vietnamese Cinema

A Vietnamese film that is not about the war? Is there such a film on Netflix? The answer is yes! Go check out ‘Furie (2019)’, one of the few Vietnamese films available on Netflix UK!

It is such a shame that there are not many Vietnamese films on Netflix because there is so much to discover within the bustling film scene of Vietnam. However, ‘Furie (2019)’ is definitely a good starting point! Placing Veronica Ngo as the leading actress, I knew from the beginning that this movie was going to be good as she is known to be the “box office queen” in Vietnam. Fun fact, some of you might have seen her on screen already, she played a tiny role in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, guess who?

The reason I was absolutely in love with this film from the first few seconds is because of its incredible setting. The film was beautifully shot in Southern Vietnam. I was extremely excited to see this side of Vietnam on screen because my grandparents used to live in that area, so I could recognise some of the attractions in the film. It is rare to see this side of Vietnam on a big budget film and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

The film tells the story of Hai Phuong (Veronica Ngo), whose daughter gets kidnapped by some unknown human traffickers. In order to rescue her daughter, Mai (Cat Vi), Hai Phuong decides to chase after the kidnappers into the big city. On her journey, Hai Phuong is forced to face her past and reconnects with some previous relationships to find out more clues on where Mai would be. Turns out, Hai Phuong is an ex-gangster and she is not afraid to fight anyone who would hurt her daughter! Happy viewing.

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