Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s is the new Valentine’s Day, here’s how to spend it.

Leah Marriot

Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to get the girls together for a day of relaxing and bonding without a care in the world.


Cooking brunch together is a great way to start the day however, if you’re looking for a hassle-free day you could always head out for a lovely meal. A sit-down meal is the perfect opportunity to exchange some heartfelt gifts.


Leslie Knope treated her friends on Parks and Rec to hand crocheted flowers, mosaic portraits and 5,000 word essays on how much she admires them; but I’m sure a box of chocolates would go down a treat!


Galentine’s also calls for a pyjama day, there’s no need to get dressed up or put make up on when you’re hanging out with the girls. It’s the time to get comfortable in front of the TV, watching a classic rom-com (or even a horror) with your favourite snacks or takeaway.


You could also get pampering with facemasks and manicures. At the end of the night you could even make some cocktails to celebrate a successful Galentine’s Day!

Emily Claridge

Officially on the Friday before Valentines Day, Galentines is the day for celebrating all the loves of your lives, your friends. This is the day traditionally for spending time with your female friends but no one’s stopping you guys having a day of Bromance. Galentines is just a better pun isn’t it? First year Norfolk Terrace entailed  Galentines Day as chinese takeaway in the kitchen and screaming any time one of the boys from the flat walked into the kitchen, slightly unfair but it is Galentines after all! Second year was a evening in at one persons house with pizza, painting nails, bunting and one girl just having a nap. That’s the beauty of Galentines, you’re amongst friends that won’t mind if you just pass out in their living room at 7pm. This year the plan is, dinner out and cocktails – see we’re so much fancier than first year now! Who says uni doesn’t teach you anything?

If you want to do presents some of the cutest things you can do (on  a budget) are homemade. Try baking cookies or cupcakes for your friends, or particularly sweet is getting a little jar and write on little shreds of paper compliments so when they’re feeling down they can just pick one out of the jar!

If you’re trying to plan something to do on the day you can treat it just like a regular date and plan going to see a film, (Trainspotting  1 or 2 very good, if not quite romantic).  Museums or concerts are always fun and lovely to do   something different but at the end of the day if you just want some VK’s and the LCR than that’s what your Galentines will be all about. It just a day for you and your friends to remind you all how much you appreciate one another and at the end of the day, who can resist a pun?


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