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Games to break the ice

As the new academic year approaches, the chances are a lot of us will be meeting new people. Living with strangers may seem daunting at first, but what better way to break the ice than playing a game together or having a games night?

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic deck of cards. Playing cards are extremely versatile, and you can find lots of different games to play with them online. I find “Spoons” is always a highly entertaining game to play with a large group of people. Players have four cards each and pass a card to the player on their left, aiming to get a matching set of cards. When a player has a matching set, they grab a spoon from the middle of the table (except there is one less spoon than there are players) meaning whoever fails to grab a spoon is out.

A personal favourite card game of mine is Uno. It’s relatively easy to follow and a fun, stress-free game to play. It is also very affordable (you can find the classic version on eBay for under £3), although there are different editions available too. Uno is also great because it doesn’t drag on for too long making it a great idea to suggest to your new flatmates.

Another classic game is Twister. I’m sure most people are familiar with this game and know how hilarious it is to play. There is probably no better way to get comfortable with your flatmates than being precariously balanced on a colourful mat together whilst trying your best not to fall over.

Jenga is a fun game that also never fails to deliver. It requires a bit of concentration and might bring out your competitive side but it’s always enjoyable to play and can go on for as long as you want it to. 

If you’re up for a longer, grittier game and fancy playing detective, perhaps consider a board game like Cluedo or 221B Baker Street. These two “Whodunnit” games are quite similar, although I personally find 221B Baker Street to be a bit more challenging! In Cluedo, you work against the other players to solve a murder mystery. The aim is to find the culprit, weapon and location. With 221B Baker Street, you take on the character of Sherlock Holmes and travel around London to pick up clues until you piece the crime together. However, you must return to 221B Baker Street on the board before you announce your solution, meaning the pressure is on!

As well as card and board games, there are plenty of video games that you could play to break the ice. Multiplayer games such as Super Mario would be a fun way to engage with your flatmates, and you can’t go wrong with favourites such as Mario Kart

So, if you’re struggling with what to do with your flatmates, perhaps give one of these games a go!

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