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Gaming community hit by wave of sexual misconduct allegations

Recently, the Super Smash Bros: Ultimate community has been hit with a wave of sexual abuse allegations. Some of the top players in the scene, like CaptainZack and ZeRo, have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. ZeRo has already come out to confess to sending suggestive messages to minors, resulting in him being dropped from the Tempo brand.

Other teams have followed suit in removing players with confirmed allegations, such as Keitaro. Nintendo have given an official statement condemning the actions of these players, and affirming that they support the victims.

This scandal comes at the same time as multiple other sexual misconduct allegations aimed at other areas of the industry. Just recently, three Ubisoft executives resigned, as well as the CEO of EVO Online, a popular fighting-game tournament. EVO Online was then forced to cancel this year’s event due to numerous companies dropping out following the claims.

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