Sex offender’s sentence reviewed

Norfolk sex offender Gary Karn, 48, has had his jail sentence shortened by Norwich Crown Court, after a recent trial.

Despite sentencing guidelines stating that Karn should have been given up to four years in prison, he has been sentenced to 18 months for the sexual assault of two young girls, aged seven and eight.

Gary Karn was also found in possession of indecent images and one pornographic image of a child, which Judge Mark Lucraft took into account.

Judge Lucraft decided that a sentence exceeding 18 months would cause too much “hardship” for Karn’s wife and children, and that Karn was “clearly a man who has worked hard” to support his family. This decision came after a letter from Gary Karn’s wife was presented to the court, stating that if he were jailed, Karn would lose his job, and the family would lose their home.

The Attorney General’s office has until 22 May to refer the case to the Court of Appeal, where the sentence could be increased.


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