So it’s a Saturday afternoon and Chapelfield is teaming with families, screaming babies and teenagers. You’d rather be in essay hell than this shopping hell. A quick jump into Topshop and you’re affronted with a thousand T-Shirts in a multitude of colours, but each bearing the same slogan: GEEK. You turn around and are suddenly faced with a sea of wide-eyed 12 year old girls hankering after an affirmation that they are cool.

Geek chic

The Geek T is the most recent high street trend that has appeared to have sprung from nowhere and now suddenly everyone is now admitting to their inner nerdiness.

To be a geek or nerd is cool, it’s the hottest new way of self-expression. No one is ashamed to be into Star Wars or World of Warcraft anymore. To be genuinely interested in Doctor Who is no bad thing, it’s when the 12 year old kids watch one Lord of the Rings film and start fan-girling that the real trouble starts. And this is where the aforementioned Geek T comes in.

Be a geek all you want, but the moment you plaster it across your chest like it’s a battle scar you lose all credibility for your love of Frodo Baggins. If you really, truly, love Lord of the Rings or Star Wars so badly, buy a Star Wars T-Shirt (or bag, or jumper, or go retro with a lunchbox). Not only will it show some true originality, but it will invite all sorts of questions and you might even end up making some new friends. A thousand times better than basically having “Easily Led” embezzled across your chest.

These slogan T-Shirts seem to lack any sort of thought. As high street trends go, this one has so much falsity behind it, pretending to be interesting, fresh and new, yet not standing up to these claims at all. And that’s my main problem with this trend. If you don’t fancy traipsing through charity shops, if you don’t really like Star Wars all that much, don’t pretend. Embrace shopping on the high street, don’t go faking it. This also applies to Band T-shirts, the next time I see someone wearing an “Artic Monkeys” or a “The Smiths” T-shirt, when only knowing one song, they’re getting Glee-style slushied.