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Concrete is the University of East Anglia’s student newspaper. Concrete is published both in-print and online every three weeks on a Tuesday during term time. Compiled by a team of 35 editorial team members, Concrete is headed by Editor-in-Chief Dolly Carter and Deputies Sam Gordon Webb and Freyja Elwood. Concrete’s sections include: News, Global, Features, Interview, Comment, Science, Travel & Lifestyle, and Sport, plus an editorial page and a ‘Home of the Wonderful’ section.

Inside Concrete is Venue, the arts supplement, which includes: Arts, Books, Fashion, Creative Writing, Music, Gaming, Film, and TV. Venue is headed by Venue Editor Elizabeth Woor and Deputies Hamilton Brown and Molly Phillips.

How to write for us:

1. Firstly, buy your membership from the SU website; it’s £3 and will allow you to write an unlimited number of articles for the whole of the 21/22 academic year

2. Join the Concrete Members 21/22 Facebook group

3. Join the subsequent section groups that you would be interested in writing for:

Concrete: Breaking News, News, Global, Features, Comment, Science, Travel & Lifestyle, Sport,
Venue: Arts, Books, Fashion, Creative Writing, Music, Gaming, Film & TV

4. After you have done this you will be able to comment on the content calls our Section Editors put out every three weeks to pick up articles. Our Breaking News Editor receives pitches on a continuous basis.


Become a member, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Email the Editor-in-Chief, Dolly Carter at if you have any questions.

View the following page for an extensive list of our contact details:

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The University of East Anglia’s official student newspaper. Concrete is in print and online.

If you would like to get in touch, email the Editor on Follow us at @ConcreteUEA.