Do you feel like Norwich’s ‘safest city’ claim is all too tame for you at this spooky time of year? Do you have an inexplicable urge to recreate your favourite horror films or episodes of most haunted? Well, look no further, here is a selection of the UK’s best haunted places to stay…


The infamous Pendle Hill

For witches
Pendle Hill, Lancashire, is home to the ghosts of the infamous dozen Pendle witches. Once accused of murder they were eventually executed in the town in the 17th century. Also of interest in the area is a Bronze Age burial site and tales of a devil worshiping family haunting a subsequently destroyed, limestone tower.

For The Full Monty
Pluckley village, Kent, voted most haunted village in the UK in previous years due to numerous ghosts including a pyjama-wearing schoolmaster, flaming old woman, Lady in Red and a highway man. Also of note are the haunted brickworks, said to be haunted by a former worker, and the unimaginatively titled “screaming woods”.

For creepy castles
Tulloch castle hotel, Dingwall, Scotland, is a 12th century castle which appears idyllic with timber beams and period features. However with one slight downside is that it is reported to be housing the famous ghost of the Green Lady who is the namesake of the hotel’s bar.

For raving Royalists
Talbot Hotel, Oundle, Northamptonshire, is another beautiful hotel plagued by noises, moving furniture and general unnerving paranormal activity. All of which has been attributed to Mary queen of Scots spending her last night here before being executed in the nearby Fotheringhay castle in 1587. The tenuous linkage is that the castle’s demolished parts were used for building the Talbot including the staircase.

For hopeless Romantics
Dobbins Inn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland if torrid love affairs that meet a grisly end are more your thing, this is for you. The 15th century owner is said to have murdered his wife and her soldier lover after discovering their rendezvous in the Inn’s secret passage. The wife, now known as ‘Maud’ is said to lovingly stroke the faces of guests at the inn.

For soap fans
The Swan Hotel, Suffolk, a 500 year old inn which is supposedly haunted by a housekeeper from the 1800s who was made pregnant out of wedlock. Relieved when the father of child said he’d marry her, she was then understandably distraught when he left her at the alter on their intended wedding day. Her disgruntled spirit now haunts room 15 for the rest of eternity.