Have you seen her eyes?

Searching grass stains

Reaching up the bark

Of her rough touch,

Rough hands

Legs like hay, the hairs like needles,

Could lose thoughts in them, do you understand?

Oh, have you seen her eyes?

Dancing lily pads,

I once tried to catch them in the lake —

Silly mistake, oh big mistake

Because she can be a swamp,

Her pull like sinking sand

My golden sun,

I tried to climb her like a tree

But my foot gets caught in the sticky weed

And she just looked down on me,

Those eyes like leaves,

Lips like those poisonous red berries

She pulls me alive, nourishes me like a bulb

And when I grow,

I notice my roots are grounded in her heels

We, like interconnected vine leaves, plait and intermingle

She will never be rid of me,

I hug her close like the burrs do

When I touch her I glow and feel this chill like stone

Is she my rock?

The wind running through me

— goosebumps —

Lights up the branches of my heart:

A forest fire in my chest!

In her hold, I am outside

Flowers in my hair,

Roses on her cheeks

She is the countryside.

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