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I give you Music – the 4th wise gift at Christmas

Christmas is usually centred around three big things: food, company and presents, a scenario that will be familiar to families across the country. But if there is one huge thing in the atmosphere at this time of year, it is of course music. A typical Christmas morning, for me, is to turn the nob on the radio and tune in to 6 Music for their 3 wise women show for an eclectic music mix to go and complement a day of festivities. It is easy to see that music has played a huge part in the shaping of the modern notion of Christmas, something that stems back from the centuries of gospel hymns, to the sharing of Silent Night during the Christmas truce of 1914 on the Western Front to the invention of the Christmas pop song and with the usual appearances from Band Aid, Slade, Wizard and Wham! keeping the spirit of Christmas alive through pop music in the 1970s and 1980s, the end of the year brings out some of the best (and worst) in musical variety (looking at you Mr Cowell).

But with the decline of the charts dictating our musical habits, popular music has adapted to serve our needs in more inventive ways to get us in the Christmas spirit. Spotify playlists dedicated only to Christmas, for example, provide an instantaneous aspect to the festive season  We usually get a very mixed bag each year of songs that are being force fed to us but despite this appearing slightly naff year on year, it does show that Christmas couldn’t possibly do without it, it is just part of what Christmas in the modern era is. Christmas has seemed to serve its purpose, its task now is to keep itself relevant in the decades ahead, a daunting task that should it succeed, would be miraculous, but then again, Christmas has a thing with that.

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