Glitter: the best ways to wear it

The very title of this article is misleading, I feel; glitter does not work with certain looks – it works with ANYTHING. Aside from being depressingly wet and dark until a frankly ludicrous time in the late morning nowadays, ’tis also the season for glittery shoes, sleek sparkly dress numbers and multi-coloured shiny eyelashes. Just in case you didn’t get the permanent glitter fashion memo however, we’re here to help. Here’s a few of my favourite glitter looks for the upcoming festive season:


Coming in at number one because it’s the absolute best, glitter around the eyes always spices up a great evening outfit. If wearing coloured eyeshadow, a matching shade of glitter always blends in a treat. Apply over a thin layer of Vaseline for extra stick-ability.

Bonus level: incorporate your eyebrows into your sleek eye look, and use coloured eyeliner or eyeshadow cream as well as glitter to shape and define those lines.


You roll up your sleeves in the middle of the dancefloor, and everyone is forced to avert their eyes from the waves of sparkling colour shining from your two appendages. Imagine wielding that sort of dazzling power. Arms are a very underrated cosmetic space. Build on that blank canvas by applying body lotion first to soften the skin, then patting your chosen glitter (the lighter the colour, the easier it’ll be to blend into the skin) all over your arms.

Bonus level: stretch some fishnet tights over your freshly lotioned limbs, and use a powder brush to dot glitter over the top. Upon removing the tights, you should be greeted with a criss-crossed pattern of sparkles.


We all remember that glitter beard fad that swept over festivals worldwide in the summer of ’16. For a homemade hairdo, try sprinkling thick chunks of glitter into your parting, then securing the grains with hairspray.

Bonus level: Dye your hair to a colour matching your glittered eyes and eyebrows, then pour glitter all over.

Nothing is too much. Let loose!!


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