All that glitters in HBO’s Euphoria

HBO’s breakout show Euphoria had everybody hooked over summer. Not only have the characters and their stories stayed with us, but so has the fashion and makeup. The makeup on the show, created by Donni Davy, isn’t just part of a costume, it is key in visualising character development and can most clearly be seen in the titular characters of Maddy, Kat and Jules. The perfected glamour of Maddy’s aesthetic crumbles away as the details of her abusive relationship are revealed. As Kat empowers herself and her self-confidence grows, her makeup becomes more daring and expressive. Jules’ makeup is particularly expressive and creative, which conveys the emotional journey she has been on through her transition. The bold, bright, glittery makeup is not only intrinsic to the narrative of the show, but has also taken the makeup community by storm. The work done on the show has inspired people everywhere, from the makeup artists working on the shows at New York Fashion Week, to YouTubers with online makeup platforms consumed by makeup trends.

One of the most empowering aspects of the show is that the characters can wear rhinestone eyebrows and graphic liner to school and there is no judgment in the fact that this is how they choose to present themselves. Each character in ‘Euphoria’ wears their look with absolute confidence, so I decided that I would give this new makeup trend a go during Freshers Week, to see if I could feel as empowered as Kat or Maddy in the show.

I started with a simple look to dip my toe in, and with my favourite character in the show being Maddy, I naturally went straight for the rhinestones. I went for a very natural base: super glossy lip and a soft pink eye with small rhinestones scattered around my brows and eyelids. After feeling more comfortable experimenting, I recreated one of my favourite Jules looks with a pink graphic liner and pocket bursts of colour across the lid. This was one of the bolder looks I tried, but it was fun to get creative and artistic with the way I applied my makeup for this look. Over the week, I tried more and more looks, usually sticking to the rhinestones as they were my favourite. By the time the Exit Ball came around, I was a seasoned professional in rhinestone application and maintenance. Although it was exciting to play with makeup and I felt confident and empowered while roaming the LCR dance floor, I don’t think I will start turning up to seminars with glitter tears.


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