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Missing Japanese Boy Found At Military Base

On 3rd June missing seven-year-old boy Yamato Tanooka was found alive near the town of Shikabe on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. Tanooka had been missing since May 28 after his parents left him alone in an area of remote woodland as a form of punishment for reportedly throwing stones at cars. The missing boy was discovered at a military base by a soldier just five kilometres from the point of his last known whereabouts. It has been revealed that Tanooka had taken refuge in a military hut with access to a water pump and a mattress to sleep on, but no food. Japan’s NHK media organisation has recounted that Yamato told his rescuers that he had made his way through the mountains until he had located shelter.

Originally his parents had stated their son had gotten lost whilst ‘foraging for vegetables’ with his sister but eventually admitted that they had temporarily abandoned the child as a punishment and that when they returned he was gone. Yamato’s father has since publicly apologised to everybody who was impacted by their actions, including the search team who had been scouring the area, known for harbouring brown bears, for almost a week for the boy. Despite the positive outcome, it is possible there could still be a sour end as the boy’s parents could yet be charged for negligence.

Hilary Police in Papua New Guinea open fire on student protestors

Police in Papua New Guinea have opened fire on students protesting against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Students were marching from their campus in the capital towards parliament when the attacks took place on Wednesday. Several students have been injured, and opposition MPs said four were killed, but the government has denied any deaths.

Mr O’Neill currently faces a possible no confidence motion amid allegations of corruption. In a statement released on Wednesday, Mr O’Neill said, “a small group of students were violent, threw rocks at police and provoked a response that came in the form of tear gas and warning shots.”

The government has launched an inquiry in to the clash.

The American media declare Hillary as Democratic candidate

Whilst Senator Bernie Sanders insists that the nomination is still up for grabs, American media has declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party. At 8:20pm EDT, on Monday 6th June, The Associated Press declared Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee, based on the fact that she has accumulated 1,812 elected (pledged) delegates, and 571 superdelegates. This gives her 2,383 total delegates, exactly the number needed to win the nomination. Whilst the nomination is not official until the Democratic convention in Philadelphia next month, it appears more than likely that she will officially become the first woman nominated for President by a major American political party.

Sanders campaign released a statement declaring the media wrong, pointing out that the superdelegates can change their vote up until the convention. Currently Sanders has 1,526 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 1,811. The Sanders campaign said, their job from now until the Democratic convention is to convince the superdelegates that Bernie is by far the strongest candidate against Donald Trump.


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