Global Roundup 360 – 26th April

Argentine music festival cancelled after multiple deaths on site
Five people have died and five more remain in critical conditions in hospital after suspected drug overdoses at an Argentine festival.

The Time Warp electronic music festival was being held for two days in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. Two people died at the event while the remaining three died in ambulances or in hospital. The victims were 21 to 25 years of age and are currently suspected of “acute poisoning”.

Post-mortems will be carried out to determine the exact cause of their deaths.

One festival-goer told local media that the private venue, in the Costa Salguero area, was so hot and cramped that he was unable to breathe in the crowds.

Another described witnessing a young man convulsing for 15 minutes and calling for festival security, who then called the emergency services.

Dr Alberto Crescenti, director of medical emergencies in the city, said: “They are all in very grave conditions” and “are not breathing on their own”.

The festival’s organisers posted a statement of condolence to the families and friends of the victims on their website and cancelled the festival’s remaining events.
Charlotte Gaines

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Petrol explosion in Mexico kills dozens
24 people are confirmed dead, 130 have been injured and more than a dozen remain in a critical condition in hospital after a large explosion at a petro-chemical plant in Coatzacoalos, Mexico.

As of yet, the cause of the explosion is unclear. Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto called the incident a “tragic accident” and offered his condolences to the affected families when he travelled to the site less than 24 hours after the blast on April 20th.

The immediate impacts of the blast were wide-reaching: repercussions were felt more than ten kilometers away and thousands of people were told to keep their doors and windows shut for fears of toxins in the air.

However, despite the wide blast area, there have been criticisms of the emergency response teams, who have apparently been slow in responding to the families of the victims and the missing, and there are concerns of information being withheld.

Ancelma Cordero’s 21-year old brother is among the missing. She spoke to Reuters at the plant gates: “We are desperate because no one is coming out to show their face. They told us that we are breathing toxins and that we should leave. But…if we leave, they could make the bodies disappear”.

Plant blasts in Mexico in 2012 and 2013 killed 33 and 37 people respectively.
Caitlin Doherty

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Norwegian mass murdered Anders Breivik wins human rights case
Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people on July 22nd in 2011, has won part of a human rights case against Norway. Brevik was convicted in August 2012 of mass murder, causing a fatal explosion, after detonating a van bomb and killing 8 people, and terrorism, for the shooting of 69 young people at a summer camp.

His solitary confinement, that has seen him kept alone in his cell for 22-23 hours every day, kept apart from all other inmates and forced to communicate with prison officers through a thick glass barrier has been judged to account to “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.

Should neither side appeal the judgement within four weeks, then the prison will be required to make Breivik’s routine more lenient and integrate him further with the prison community.

The state has also been ordered to pay the Breivik’s legal fees, which amount to approximately £28,000.
Emily Vause


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