Climate Change, Global, Global Investigates / 05/10/2021 Global Investigates: Is the EU exporting the climate crisis abroad?

The announcement of the European Union’s Green Deal and the fanfare that came with it signified the EU’s desire to be seen as the leader of the green revolution.  With the promise of carbon neutrality by 2050, Ursula von der Leyen believes the Green Deal is Europe’s “man on the moon moment”. However, does the...

Global, Global Investigates / 14/09/2021 Global Investigates: Cop26: The Last Chance to Save the Planet?

Images of wildfires painting skies red, or subway stations filled with water feel like the scenes of a sci-fi blockbuster, not pictures appearing on the nightly news at an increasingly alarming rate. However, as countries across the globe grapple with the worsening effects of climate change, it has never been more apparent that we are...

Global, Global Investigates / 17/08/2021 Global Investigates: Hong Kong Under the National Security Law

The National Security Law, passed on 30 June 2020, was issued by China to ensure Hong Kong has a legal framework for future stability. Any challenges to authority would be criminalised, such as terroristic damage to public transport, subverting the central government, and colluding with foreign forces. These crimes are punishable with a maximum sentence...

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Global, Global Investigates

Global Investigates: Nigeria’s Relationship with Feminism

Proponents of women’s rights in Nigeria are facing multiple barriers in their fight for equality. Gender-based violence, a lack of economic opportunity, and political disillusionment are affecting women at all levels of society. The country has the most out-of-school girls in the world, and political representation is limited to just 7 of 109 Senators and…

Global, Global Investigates

Global Investigates: Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention highlights UK failure to ratify the international women’s rights treaty

In the 12-hour period following Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, six women were killed. At least 28 women were killed in February 2021 alone, with further reports of 300 femicides and 171 more women found dead under suspicious circumstances in Turkey last year. Despite the government stressing the extensive capabilities of their existing legislation,…

Global, Global Investigates

Global Investigates: QAnon

The last couple of years have seen the rise of a conspiracy theory like no other. Sweeping the fringes of the American far-right, QAnon has garnered worldwide attention. Often labelled a cult, its followers believe in a secrete cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic paedophiles who are running a global child sex trafficking ring. Accused of being…

Global, Global Investigates

Global Investigates: The influence of religion over the sexual and reproductive freedoms of Latin America

Abortion and contraceptive practices in Latin American states have failed to garner moral legitimacy partly due to the dominance of Roman Catholicism in both culture and politics. In these regions, this general suspicion and distrust has led to a failure to recognise reproductive rights as human rights, resulting in an estimated 4.2 million clandestine abortions…

Global, Global Investigates

China and the Uighur internment camps. “This isn’t indoctrination. It’s eradication”

Xinjiang has descended into darkness. Cries of anguish and suffering can be heard from the northwest region of China. Internment camps, known as “re-education camps” to some, but concentration camps to others, are thought to be housing some of the most brutal human rights violations seen in recent memory. Families have been torn apart. Mothers…

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