Global / 13/10/2020 At least 60 people arrested in Hong Kong on China’s national day

More than 60 people have been arrested in Hong Kong for taking part in pro-democracy protests on China’s national day. At least 60 people were detained in the area of Causeway Bay as thousands of police swarmed the streets to face small groups of protesters accused of taking part in unauthorized assemblies. Streets were cordoned...

Global / 13/10/2020 Kyrgyzstan opposition protesters storm parliament over alleged rigged elections

Protesters in Kyrgyzstan have reportedly seized power in the Central Asian republic following the storming of parliament building. This comes after days of protests over election irregularities. All of the main opposition parties had seemingly failed to reach the threshold of votes necessary to gain seats in parliament. Additionally, three of the four parties allowed...

Global / 13/10/2020 Humanitarian workers in the DRC accused of sexual exploitation

On the 29th of September, the UN World Health Organization reported that it was investigating claims of sexual exploitation and abuse against WHO staff in the context of the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fifty-one women have now come forward regarding the claims, with most cases occurring in Beni, the city at...

Global / 13/10/2020 Thousands of fires spread through Paraguay

Thousands of wildfires in South America have caused the Congress of Paraguay to declare a national emergency. There have been over 5,000 individual wildfires so far, with further spread predicted in the following days and weeks. The fires have been said to be fuelled by record high temperatures, strong winds and the drought across South...

Global / 13/10/2020 Belgium forms a government after 16-month deadlock

The new Belgian government, led by Alexander De Croo of the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats, or Open VLD, has taken the oath of office at the royal palace in Brussels, 494 days after the latest federal elections. The government has been formed as a coalition of seven parties, with the new Council of Ministers...

Global / 13/10/2020 EU imposes sanctions on Belarussian officials

Following August’s controversial presidential election result, the EU has imposed sanctions on a number of Belarussian officials. The election, which saw a disputed victory for incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, has seen numerous allegations of election fraud. The EU’s sanctions affect 40 officials, for “misconduct of the electoral process”. Sanctions include a travel ban within EU...



Around the world in one click

In 1998 only a handful of countries had extensive internet usage. Today, nearly two billion people worldwide have ready access to the internet. Gone are the days when the world seemed a vast and inaccessible abyss to many who were limited to their own countries and even their own homes.


Dispelling Japanese stereotypes

Japan’s culture is rich and often welcomed by people from around the world. Unfortunately, it is the fascination people have with the nation that gives rise to stereotypes surrounding the Japanese, writes Rachael Lum.

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