Go Global Party: celebrating with the world

Every year UEA appreciates the cultural diversity existing at the University, and, with the help of the Student Union and societies, a wonderful event was formed which many will be looking forward to again next year. The Go Global Party, held on the Wednesday 21 March, was broken down into three main parts: the international cuisine market, the cultural performances and a disco party to finish the night off.

The event rundown started with the tasting of international cuisines where students revealed the “secret recipes” brought from their own countries. Food is an integral part of culture, and the students shared their wonderful palatable cultures to the rest of the world through food. Having many enthusiastic students walking around stalls to sample the wide spectrum of international cuisines, such as fish balls from Hong Kong, soy sauce eggs from Taiwan, Greek salads and bread, Bruneian desserts and other delicious local foods, showed that the party was successful.

As with previous years, how could the night end without performances? A series of performances held by students took place after the tasting. Some of the memorable performances of the evening included a hot drama from the Chinese Society, singing from the Malaysian Society, and cultural dances from the Indonesian Society, Kazakhstan Society, Mauritian Society and Afro-Caribbean Society. Singing and dancing were the best ways to exert the “tingling” feelings inside them, and over fifteen exciting performances were presented. All the performances, organised and ran by students, blew the audience away. A total of over 900 attendees were present in the informal event.

The party ended with a disco to let students from all over the world dance the night away. This is a loud applause to all the participating individuals, student societies and the Union of UEA Students for an amazing evening. UEA will be looking forward to another great International Week next year. 

Photo: Ga Chun Yau.


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