Have a go at making your own roast dinner at home or in Halls

Living in halls does not have to mean that you must live on frozen pizzas, garlic bread and pot noodles for the entire year. By following these steps, you can make a delicious and cost effective roast dinner for one, or you and your flatmates can club together and make a meal of it. Roasts are an eternal symbol of British culture, and you can enjoy them as a student too.

You will need:

  • 1 chicken, or two thighs if you are making a meal for one.
  • A selection of vegetables – we like broccoli: cheap and easy to prepare!
  • Carrots and parsnips
  • Honey
  • Olive Oil
  • Ready-made Yorkshire puds
  • Potatoes
  • Shop bought stuffing
  • Gravy granules

Firstly, in UEA halls, it must be noted that the combination ovens make a roast a longer process than at home. However, this should not hold you back on your quest for fine cuisine.

You can add herbs like rosemary to the chicken, or squeeze over a wedge of lemon and some garlic. Then, place the chicken in  a roasting dish and cover with foil, and roast in a 190 degree oven. You can work out the time it will take to cook, by checking the weight of the meat. It will take approximately 20 minutes per pound of meat, plus an extra 20 minutes at the end. For this final twenty minutes, remove the foil to get a lovely crispy skin.

You can buy cheap and tasty stuffing at any local supermarket, and generally takes 30 minutes to make by following the packet instructions. This can be baked in its own tin, which is easier than attempting to stuff the chicken.

For roast potatoes, peel and partially boil them (15 minutes), and as you drain them in a colander, shake them about to rough up their surfaces. Sprinkle with flour and drizzle with oil for a crispy coating. Roast them in the oven until they look golden and crisp. This can take up to an hour, so start them as soon as the chicken is in the oven.

A honey glaze is a delicious addition to your carrots and parsnips. Whisk a glug of olive oil with honey, and pour over the carrots and parsnips. Finally place on the pre-heated tray and bake for half-an-hour.

The Yorkshire puddings are a crucial component, and can be bought cheaply at any local supermarket. Follow the packet instructions and fill with piping hot gravy to serve. There is no shame in using gravy granules, but adding fried onions can give extra flavour.

To carve the chicken, cut along either side of the backbone and pull away the chicken breasts, and slice into pieces. Then, carve off the legs and pull the meat from the bones with a fork. If you’re feeling fancy, enjoy your roast with a glass of white wine, and treat yourself to your favourite dessert.


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