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God of the Gaps

Will you pray for others?

Will you pray for the opposition?

Will you pray for every soldier who fights

On your behalf?


Eight million soldiers will die for you.

Though your trepidation

Ensures only

That the man you love

Lives another day

As he fights

For the liberation of his country.

For the liberation of yourself.


Strident and evident your message appears.


I hear your voice for the first ever time.

As the man you pray for

Slaughters a soldier

Not dissimilar to himself.


He shoots a man

Towards the shameful earth

Upon which he once fought so intrepidly.

He dies for the liberation of his country

As he cries in indefensible pain.


Not you or your lover

Know this soldier.

Your lover knows of none of his faults,

His sins or offences.

I know everything.

I know of every offence

Committed by every Human being

Who lives and fights upon my shameful earth.


And now I hear his aching cry

As your lover shoots him tactlessly

I hear his prayers in desperation,

In the final minutes of his life.


You plead I watch

Over your lover.

You plead I ensure

He never falls towards the

shameful earth

To ensure that he never cries

In unforgivable pain,

And to ensure no blood from his wounds

Will ever escape his skin.


And you plead to me

That I close my eyes to the soldier he shoots.

To allow his blood escape his wounds

As he cries in inexcusable pain.

Because that man

Has no one back home to pray for him.

As no one has ever loved  him quite as much

As you love your man.



In war

Someone must die.

So as you pray for him,

Do you pray for every heroic soldier

Who fights so courageously

For the liberation of your country?

For the liberation of yourself?

For every soldier who cries

As he falls upon the shameful earth,

On which you walk upon so heedlessly.

And allow every soldier to cry as he endures Inexcusable pain

And his blood escapes his wounds.


You know not of these soldiers.

You know of only one.

Sixty-five million men I watch over.

And I know each one by name.


I know every man and every woman

Who took just five minutes each day

To pray.

To thank me for everything

I have ever given them.

And I know of every man

And every woman

Who have overlooked me

Until this day.

And they actually need me.


And now,

All of a sudden

I hear the voice

Of every human on this earth.

Voices I have never heard before this day.

 This war.


Do you pray for them?

Do you pray for their lovers?

As the blood streams from their skin.

You pray for yourself

To ensure your man comes home

After I allow eight million soldiers to die

In inexcusable pain.


But you need not worry.

As long as your man

Returns to you

To keep you warm

As you sleep

As he holds you and protects you.

And you no longer require me.


Will I ever hear your voice again

Once I save the one you love?

Or will my services

No longer be required?


Well I am sorry,

But I am everyone’s God.

I am always here,

Even through times

Where there be no war or crisis.


I watch over everyone

As best as I can,

But I make no promises

I am not the God of the Gaps.

You may forget,

But I am always your God.

Your saviour.

My Kingdom come,
I will be done,
On earth as in heaven

I lead you from temptation,
But deliver you from evil.
For the kingdom, the power and the glory are Mine.

Now and forever.


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July 2021
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