Creative Writing

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

To whom it may concern Have you learned
how to pronounce “still”? To whom it may concern Congratulations,

You made it:
It’s almost time to drain
All the puddles you used to jump in.
To whom it may concern
Is there a formal way to say,
“I’m not dumb, just afraid”?
To whom it may concern
What does “almost” mean?
To whom it may concern
Loan me some gold,
So I can buy frankincense
and myrrh,
To moisturise my lungs
and the lips of the two thieves
Crucified with Christ,
For no one drained their pain
and tears.
Don’t pour any sunshine in my glass,
For my glass is spilling rain.
Don’t loan me air to breathe,
Pour me a storm
To take my breath, my body
and my glass away.
How many “buts” can a letter contain?
How many “buts” did you spread around
like oilseeds,
like grain?
Remember to stretch your legs
and protect your knees,
For your journey starts now,
Now it begins.
but don’t wish me good luck:
I’m not lucky,
just dumb.
Have fun jumping in the puddles of green rain and mellow sky.
Kiss goodbye to the sun tanned fields

of equine skin.
Take a coat and good luck.
Be dumb, be brave
Someone will pour you a storm
to take your breath away.
Kind Regards,
and save some money,
for the journey is long.
Kind Regards,
Don’t be afraid.
You’ll find a way,
a world to hug,
a smile to wear.
Be brave,
For all the eyes looking at you going away. Be brave and goodbye,
You’ll learn to love the rain.
(what a cliché)
Goodbye and leave the luck behind
It won’t help you,
It’s just a lie.


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