Government announces end of nursing bursary

The wake of the 2015 Autumn Spending Review saw the introduction of loans for up to 10,000 new nursing students. The NHS bursary, which covered tuition fees for those studying a nursing degree has been scrapped and replaced with a further loan. These cuts, starting in September 2017, will lead to repayments on loans amounting to £900 taken immediately from nursing graduates wages.

[su_pullquote]90% of hospitals currently have a nursing shortage, according to Jeremy Corbyn[/su_pullquote]Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken out against the proposed cuts, arguing that as “nine out of ten hospitals currently have a nursing shortage” the removal of bursaries will cause further escalation of staff shortages. David Cameron has defended this decision with claims of savings of £800m a year and that plans will prevent capping of numbers of nursing degree places.

UEA first year nursing student Juana Ha however disagrees: “From a mature student’s point of view, I wouldn’t have been able to do a nursing degree without the bursary as I’m already in debt from my previous degree”.


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