Government invests in East Anglian ports in post Brexit planning

The Government has announced that the East Anglian ports of Harwich and Felixstowe are to receive £1.24 million in lieu of the new trade arrangements and proceedings that may occur due to the nature of Brexit. The fund comes from a government contract worth £10 million in which Felixstowe and Harwich were successful bidders. Other successful bidders include Southampton, Portsmouth International, Hull, Liverpool and Dover. This money, in turn, comes from a government policy pledging £30 million to bolster ports in the event of an economic fallout from Brexit. As part of the £30 million pledge, the Department for Transport has allocated £5 million to four Local resilience forums with key ports in their areas, and a further £15 million to the development of long term projects to increase rail links to ports and ensure imported stock reaches suppliers.

This news comes as the Government’s leaked Operation Yellowhammer document was released last month. In the document, it outlines delays of 1.5-2.5 days that HGVs may have to face in the result of a no-deal Brexit. HGVs could block French ports and disrupt the short Channel straits for up to 3 months before improvement to a level less than that of a pre-Brexit scenario.

Hutchinson ports outline the various ‘Brexit infrastructure’ projects going to be implemented in response to Brexit, including in Felixstowe a new border and customs checkpoint, excellent road connections and additional space for HGVs to prevent ports becoming immovable with them. As the 31st of October deadline approaches, government guides on how to prepare if the UK leaves the EU without a deal have been published.


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