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Grateful writers, grateful readers.

Before arriving at UEA, I had an eating disorder so aggressive I could barely face eating a blueberry. My recovery journey has been long and difficult, filled with many ups and downs, bumps and curves, but writing about my experiences for this paper quite honestly changed my life. And I believe it remains one of the principal reasons I stand here today as your Deputy Editor. 

In 2019, I recognised the power of telling my story to others. Of course the stories we tell needn’t be particularly personal – see our News and Global section – yet everything we write is unquestionably flavoured by our own experiences, making Concrete the student paper it is. 

That aside, Christmas is around the corner. After the success – or to some, failure – of the COP26 festival in putting the problem of global warming back in the spotlight, as well as the brilliant work of our writers in telling the story of climate change in Issue 382, Concrete promises to continue offering an accurate, timely and detailed account of the latest environmental issues, from campus to around the world. 

Truth betold, hiding your deepest anxieties is like hiding from a pumpkin spiced latte. Not only is it impossible to justify, but it is incredibly detrimental to physical and emotional health. Upon telling the truth of my life, a weight lifted off my shoulders. My irrational self, dishonest and manipulative, loitering in the background – had finally been defeated. 

On a separate note, as the wintry weather conditions set in, please do keep safe on the roads, wear helmets and ensure bikes are adequately lighted when cycling. Your safety is paramount, and the risk is simply not one worth taking. 

Finally, to students reading this, considering writing, or wondering what the incentive is to write for an award winning student newspaper, I hope my story helps.

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Sam Gordon Webb

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May 2022
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