GROW-Colombia is a project I only learnt about in the last few weeks. It is a collaboration between the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE) and the Earlham Institute, on the Norwich Research Park, along with other partners. GROW-Colombia was set up in the aim of preserving and managing the vast biodiversity found in Colombia. The project was founded in March 2017 and set out a list of objectives for four years time.

The biodiversity of Colombia is not only important from a scientific standpoint and the country’s natural heritage but also for human welfare, economic development and social equality. The programme aims to increase the research capacity in Colombia and to raise the general awareness of the importance of biodiversity – something which is often overlooked by those that are accustomed to living there. The project’s long-term aims are to induce economic and social growth through the promotion of biodiversity conservation. This is definitely a project I shall be following and I’m keen to see what comes after the four year mark has passed.


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