Halloween alternatives to the LCR

Halloween is back, and it is one of, if not, the biggest nights of the year. The LCR is obviously a hotspot for UEA students, given that tickets are sold out immediately upon release. Those freshers who are living on campus are always particularly eager to get their hands on that coveted ticket. Naturally, many people are left disappointed and frantically offer to sell their souls for a ticket on the Ticket Exchange. So, what do you do if you can’t bag yourself a ticket? You may not have any VKs thrown at your head, and you may or may not hear Mr Brightside, but not all hope is lost, as there are plenty of alternatives for you:

If you are desperate for a night out with plenty of booze, there are many other clubs in town to consider, with most hosting Halloween themed nights either on or around Halloween. Get yourself down to Waterfront for a Halloween themed Propaganda on the 26th; alternatively, for all my fellow Potterheads, the Harry Potter Party with Cabana Club, which is also on the 26th, is a must-attend. On the 27th, there is a Warehouse party with Sigma, which, considering the success of the last Warehouse party, should be epic. Mantra has a series of ‘Day of the Dead’ themed nights running from October 25th if you don’t mind spending a horrendous amount of money on VKs and Jager Bombs, and Popworld has consecutive ‘Monster Ball’ themed nights. Long story short, there are other options out there for those who cannot get an LCR ticket but still want to go out, so don’t think that your Halloween is instantly dead in the water.

But what if nights out aren’t your thing and you fancy a more sober night? If you don’t want to have to deal with taxis in the early hours of the morning, or the inevitability that one of your friends won’t be able to walk by the end of the night, what else is there for you? Then your answer, and key to an amazing Halloween, is a house party. House parties are underrated, and people forget this. Be as creative as you want with it! Come up with a dress code, decorate your house or flat from top to bottom, plan some games, and get everyone over for the best night ever. Remember, you make the rules. Give out punishments for the worst dressed person, or people who don’t dress up at all. Maybe give a forfeit for people who come dressed as the same thing? Target everyone who will no doubt rip up a white shirt, apply fake blood, and say they are a zombie, because trust me, that will be a lot of people. Just don’t go and get yourself a noise complaint, because then your night and fun will be instantly ruined.

Halloween for students is very much just another excuse to drink, and, like a lot of aspects of university life, the dependence on it has some feeling a little left out. So, for those who do not drink, or those who simply just want an incredibly chilled night, you also still have options – don’t panic. A movie night in with your close friends is a classic, and marathoning the scariest films out there means that you don’t miss out on the spooky side of things. Grab popcorn, a blanket (or a person) to hide behind, and you are all set. You will have a great night and not be hungover the next morning. It’s a win win situation.

Halloween, as I have stressed, is a big night with lots going on. It is very easy to get swept up in it all, so just remember to stay safe at all times, and keep a close eye on your friends. Halloween is supposed to be scary, but only in a superficial, trivial sense. We don’t want any literal horror stories where the night goes a little too far.  

With that said, have an amazing night no matter what you end up doing, and again, stay safe!

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