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What your Halloween costume says about you (and other stupid assumptions)

As the trees shed their leaves and the days grow shorter, there’s a quiet anticipation for the spookiest day of the year. Yes, people, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – Halloween. It means we’ll be witnessing this year’s additions to the pop-culture pantheon. From Princess

Leia to your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, Britney Spears’ sexy schoolgirl to the current President of the United States, Halloween is the summation of every major cultural moment of the past fifty years, so what can we expect from 2019?

With the culmination of Marvel’s third phase in ‘Avengers: Endgame”, there’s an array of heroes whose costumes you can don. No supermarket Halloween isle is complete without an ill-fitting Spandex bodysuit with a detachable Iron Man mask, or more recently, Captain Marvel, Disney’s first female superhero franchise. But we’re all adults here, which is a polite way of  saying, at least for people our age that we look towards more ‘mature’ costumes. Enter possibly my favourite trend; the sexy insert human-supernatural-being-inanimate-object here.

Of course, these sorts of costumes don’t come without their criticisms, especially concentrated on women; ‘Halloween is just for desperate attention’ and ‘Halloween is an excuse for girls to dress in skimpy outfits’, we’ve heard it all before. The other day I overheard two young men discussing potential costumes for their planned festivities, which quickly spiralled into an opportunity to slate women who dressed as Harley Quinn. That’s right, DC Comics; Harley Quinn.  

Because God forbid anyone would want to dress as one of the most infamous comic book villains of all time, especially one whose most recent iteration was played by Academy Award Nominee and general goddess Margot Robbie. 

Obviously, these men later missed the irony of deciding who gets to be the Joker. So to my fellow Halloween purists (and the general wet blanket population), I know that this can be a hard pill to swallow but believe me, there are enough scary costumes to go round, so why not embrace the sexy ones. When you realise Halloween is the only night of the year you can let loose whilst looking like a naughty nurse (or other medical professionals of your choosing), it’s time to grab that opportunity with your bare hands and have a little fun. 

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