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Vintage markets and charity stores are always great for little gems that aren’t too expensive and you don’t mind getting a bit ruined by not only fake blood but the usual LCR VK spillage. At the town hall side of Haymarket you can find lots of vintage stalls, but they’re not as cheap as if you go trawling through some charity stores. For eyelashes, make-up, face paint etc Just Essentials in between Jarrolds and Tesco is perfect.


This Halloween article is about to get meta. Whatever vibe you are going for, there is no shame in sexy Halloween costumes. If you want to be a cat be a freaking cat, don’t let anyone stop you. It is, to be fair, a guaranteed cute and inexpensive choice and they sell cat ears everywhere now as they’ve sort of become an everyday accessory recently. Do you want to just wear what you always wear and have fake blood everywhere? (My personal favourite, as I have been known to leave a costume to the night before.) Or are you a sarcastic, t-shirt that says ‘costume’ on it, kind of person? These are all valuable questions. Who do you want to be this Halloween, what aesthetic are you going for? Ok I’ve probably rambled enough. I’m a personal lover of the Norwich specific, UEA centric costume. For example, one of the 5 L’s, a VK bottle, Cloud Dog (too soon) and so on.


There is going to be a big difference between your Friday Propoganda outfit and your Monday Halloween LCR three nights out later where you wake up looking like a Halloween costume. Propoganda is often your usual fake blood everywhere, zombies, skeletons etc not so much the VK’s and 5 L’s. House parties lend themselves to the more controversial costumes, you’re among friends, anything goes, or the ‘I couldn’t be bothered’/ ’costume cannot load t-shirts’ are more acceptable when you’ll be ripped into by friends but essentially they’ll get over it. For the LCR I’m expecting a lot of cats, vampires, skeletons, classic basic bitch, Halloween costumes which always go down well. People will appreciate the effort of going as a 5 L or a VK, imagine dressed as a VK going and ordering 2 VK’s?! You’re living the dream! Those costumes are always worth the effort even if you sometimes have to explain to everyone you see ‘YOU KNOW THE 5 LS? YEAH I’M THE LIBRARY!’ They’ll love it when they get it.

some ideas:

  • Cat. Always.
  • Zombie/Vampire : When you have more make-up than Halloween clothes
  • Any Disney character but covered in fake blood- classic.
  • A blue VK.
  • A yellow VK.
  • Any VK.
  • One of the 5 L’s.
  • Where’s Wally: cheap and easy, has been slightly over done but always funny in club photos.
  • Deadlines, the scariest of all costumes.

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