Halloween Horror: The Cabin in the Woods

Five teenagers spend the weekend at a cabin in the woods and encounter a mysterious evil. 

You think you know how this premise is going to end, but The Cabin in the Woods is not your typical horror movie. The story begins like every other film in the genre, but a few things are deliberately off from the regular formula, including an office-bound, almost comic duo that watch the characters throughout. Then, halfway through, your assumptions shatter, the film becomes a novel take on the genre itself, spliced with enough comedy and action to keep you entertained throughout this generic shift.

Cabin isn’t just a horror movie – it’s an elaborate, comedic comment on every other horror movie. We become a private viewer into the lives (and gruesome deaths!) of these characters at the hands of things that nightmares are made from. We see these archetypal characters – the jock, the virgin, etc – that make up the tropey victims of a typical horror movie equated into religious sacrifices slaughtered to amuse us. The film, in a way, becomes a metafictional comment on us, on the viewer, and the reason why we’re drawn to horror in the first place – the entertainment of identifying and being scared with the characters, and the tragic catharsis of watching their ill-fated yet expected ends. 

If you want to watch a mind-blowing horror film unlike any other horror film this Halloween, one where your expectations will be thrown out completely, then I highly recommend you check out Cabin.

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Alex Grenfell

April 2021
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