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So Halloween is finally approaching and I honestly cannot wait. It’s hard to think of a holiday that tops this one; a time of year when looking like death is not only socially acceptable, but actually something everyone is trying to achieve. Those under-eye bags that you spend hours trying to conceal before attending a seminar the morning after a classic LCR night? They’re technically fashionable now! Embrace them! Halloween is my time to shine because, while I may not be that good at everyday makeup (despite my endless scrolling through beauty guru Instagram videos), I seem to be pretty successful when it comes to making my face look like I’m an extra in The Walking Dead, so I thought I’d share a few of the hacks I’ve picked up so you too can achieve a Halloween look that has all of your friends begging you to do their makeup as well.

First things first (“I’ll eat ya brains”); the classic zombie look. This is actually a trick that I picked up from one of the aforementioned Instagram videos; how to achieve realistic fake wounds without having the skills (or the bank account) of a professional SFX makeup artist. On movie sets this look is achieved with liquid latex, but you can get the same results with a much cheaper alternative; false eyelash glue! Apply generous amounts on any part of your face or body, leave it to dry slightly around the edges, and then dab at it gently with your finger to get rid of the middle bit that’s still gooey. Voilà! You have the base for the perfect decaying wound, the next step is to use varying shades of black, red, green, and purple eyeshadows to bring the look to life (or to death I guess). A final touch of fake blood in the center and around your mouth and you’re ready to hit the LCR!

I know I’ve mentioned beauty guru videos three times now but I cannot understate how helpful they can be. They’re where I learnt everything I know about makeup in general, and they can be particularly inspiring at this time of year if you still haven’t decided which path you’re going to go down for Halloween 2k16. Cute? Scary? Sexy? (I feel like I’ve now just started listing off Spice Girls members). YouTuber Cherry Wallis has recently launched a series of Halloween makeup tutorials which I definitely recommend checking out. As well as giving you inspiration, tutorial videos can improve your skills as it’s often easier to recreate a look you’ve seen someone else achieve step by step as opposed to starting from scratch with no idea where to start.

Finally, remember that, at the end of the day, Halloween is all about looking scary and a little messed up, your makeup doesn’t need to be pristine and perfect to have the desired spooky effect. It can actually look better if it’s a little rough around the edges, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity take over, even if it results in you looking like a collab between Pollock and Picasso (hey, that actually sounds like a pretty funny Halloween costume now that I think about it). Just have fun with it!


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