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It is almost Halloween and the time of year to terrify yourself, or is it? If horror is not for you Scream Queens and Supernatural offer a funny alternative which is just as likely to make you laugh as it is scream. The reason why these shows work so well is that they do not take themselves too seriously. Whether it is excessive use of fake blood, corpses which come back to life or the main characters’ wacky wardrobe, these shows are certainly worth watching.

Take Scream Queens, the E4 show in which a sorority pursue the murdering Red Devil Killer on their college campus. The group of rich socialites encounter bodies, which keep strangely disappearing, hidden in a meat locker, but any fear is offset by Chanel’s (Emma Roberts) gorgeous couture wardrobe. Nothing can be that scary in a baby pink fur jacket, surely? Though this show is by no means simple, amidst the screaming queens they ruthlessly hunt to find the murderer on campus as sorority members are picked off one by one. With its star studded cast including Nick Jonas and Emma Roberts it is highly addictive watching.

Another show which captures the hilarity of horror is Supernatural. On its 12th series brothers Sam and Dean have been in a permanent state of Halloween ever since dad didn’t come back from his hunting trip. With its fair share of scary there are demons, exorcisms and battles against God himself. However, the show’s survival can be credited to its humour and self deprecating tone. It also has its fair share of gore. Dean’s nail being pulled out with pliers makes perfect Halloween watching, but the show maintains a sense of humour through the afore mentioned nail pulling being done by an elderly couple. Sam and Dean can escape the apocalypse, but not the OAPs. No it’s not realistic, but once you start watching it is impossible to stop.

Whether you love Zombies from The Walking Dead, Tate from American Horror Story or charming Satan in Lucifer there are plenty of options for your Halloween TV. Halloween is the time for horror, but certainly not horrible television.


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